Enabling Sustainability

We developed the perfect platform for logistics companies looking forward to becoming tailpipe emission-free



Smart route optimisation

The mobile app side of the platform provides an optimised route to the driver and incorporates an overview of the electric fast chargers around the region to overcome range anxiety. 

Parcel management

The admin dashboard enables the logistics manager to have a live overview of the status of each parcel and the efficiency of the drivers. 


The admin dashboard provides data that enables the management to assess the efficiency of the driver, any potential improvements of the process or the overall business model.



A handful of former corporates, logistics coordinators and startup and tech enthusiasts brought together an ambitious team bent on achieving one vision - enabling sustainability in the transportation and logistics industry.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, the team has been actively collaborating with a small transportation company achieving sustainability by setting up zero tailpipe emissions operations in Copenhagen.


The work of Grasshoppr has been acknowledged at an early stage by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and Copenhagen Municipality and the project got access to startup development programs and soft-money to finance the early development of the concept. 



We are always glad to hear from potential future colleagues, investors, mentors and any sustainability supporters willing to make an impact together with us!

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